Do you resonate with the following statements:

  • I’ve been practicing yoga for awhile but still feel like there is something missing in my practice.

  • I want to really understand the poses, the best way to do them, for safety and benefit, and why teachers cue a certain way.

  • I want to learn more about the aspects of Yoga that are rarely taught in general public classes like the history, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation aspects.

  • I LOVE yoga and I LOVE to learn!

  • I want to commit to my personal growth and learn tools to find more peace and connection with myself and others around me.

  • I’m thinking of becoming a teacher but I’m really not sure OR....

  • I've taken a 200hr. Yoga Teacher training course but my previous training was lacking in some way and I need a fresher..

If so, you’ve found the right place and I’m so happy that you’re here.

I’m Christina Raskin and Yoga is my passion! I’ve been teaching Yoga for 20 years. I practised for 3 years before I really committed to myself and dove deeper into the many aspects of the practice from alignment to philosophy. Once I committed to myself, my life and practice exploded. Yoga has been by my side for over 20 years and it has helped me to find more peace, joy and a better connection to my inner wisdom.
  • From this course you will:

    Learn how your body is unique and how to align the poses for you so you get the benefits out of the pose and minimize risk. Refine your physical practice and gain a deeper understanding of why we do the things we do. Discover Pranayama (breathing practices), why we do them and the benefits.

  • Become more knowledgeable and respectful of yoga’s roots by learning about the history of yoga and develop a basic understanding of the various lineages. Learn how to take yoga off the mat so you can find more contentment and peace. Feel more connected to your body and yourself. Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so you are truly present and can savour every moment. Get to know yourself and commit some valuable, healing time to yourself!

Who benefits from this course?

  • For beginners

    This experience will build a strong foundation of knowledge on how to practice safely and effectively for your unique body so that you can continue to grow. You will also learn the basics of Yoga Philosophy, mindfulness & awareness to help with mental health.

  • For experienced students

    This is an opportunity to empower your practice and transform in a deeper and sustainable way. After this course, you will also be able to determine if you would like to teach. If so, you would continue on into our Yoga Teacher Training program in order to complete the 200hr. Yoga Teacher certification.

  • Interested in teaching?

    This is a great course to help you decide If a full 200hr. teacher training is right for you. You will learn so much about yoga, your body, and the practice that it will help you to decide if the full 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training program is right for you. And, if you decide to continue on and get certified, you get $150 CAN off of our 200hr. certification course!

  • Don't want to teach?

    Take this course to empower and deepen your knowledge and practice without having to commit to a full 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training.

Pricing options

Want to take your 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training to get certified to teach Yoga?

If you continue on and enroll in the 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training program after taking Deepen you Practice then you'll receive $100 CAN off of your tuition.


Why You’ll Love it!

  • Participate from anywhere in the world and get lifetime access to all the material!

  • Self- paced program- Start the minute you register and complete at your own pace.

  • All aspects of the yoga science are important. Learn about the physical poses, philosophy, breathing exercises and mindfulness.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. How to use this course & online platform

    3. Introduction to the Poses

    4. Recommended Schedule

    5. Deepen Your Practice Manual

    1. Breath

    2. Foundation

    3. Root & Rebound

    4. Balance

    5. Stable vs. Moving Parts

    6. Striving vs. Softening/Control vs. Surrender

    7. Edge

    8. Sensation as a Guide

    9. Sthira and Sukha

    10. Principles of Practice ~ Homework

    1. Range of Motion

    2. How to find your unique alignment

    3. Be courageous! Do your unique alignment

    1. Pranayama - Breathing exercises

    2. Nervous System

    3. Meditation & Mindfulness

    1. Eight limbs of Yoga #1

    2. Eight Limbs of Yoga #2

    3. Lineages of Yoga

    1. Foot & Ankle Platform (First Platform)

    2. Big toes together? Maybe not ;) (First platform)

    3. Pelvic Girdle Platform (Second Platform)

    4. The Pelvic Floor or Diaphragm (Mula Bandha) & Core

    5. The Shoulder Girdle (Third Platform)

About this course

  • 2 x $103.00
  • 81 lessons
  • 16.5 hours of video content

See what past students are saying.....

“Before being introduced into the idea that poses will be look and feel unique in all bodies, because of skeletal variation, I was NEVER comfortable in Vira 2. I ignored what I was feeling in my body. Taking skeletal variation into account, all of a sudden finding this pose, and so many other poses in my unique body, became possible (it) blew my mind and the journey and the “practice” (became) so much more meaningful.”

Shannon H.