Discover helpful techniques, exercises and drills to help you progress in your ability to play with the more advanced postures.

Learning the basics and some strength building drills will help you to get upside down. And, if you are a teacher, it will help you to guide your students safely and comfortably.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I'm too weak, too old, too _______ (fill in your blank!) to do arm balances

  • I've tried! I've watched YouTube videos and practiced in class, yet I'm stu

  • I'm scared of getting hurt

  • I don't think I'll ever be able to fly

  • My wrists are too weak

  • I'm ready to get over my fear and challenge myself!

Let us help you take flight!

You are not too old, too weak or too whatever to start! And believe it or not, balancing on your hands is about much more than strength. Once you learn the tools we teach and how to work within your own structure, you will be flying in no time!

Meet Your Instructor

Sandra Gin

Guest Teacher

Sandra completed her yoga teacher’s training in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. Her teaching styles include vinyasa, power, and yin yoga. Sandra has taught at several Oxygen Yoga and Fitness studios throughout Vancouver. Sandra loves leading her students in creative and soulful sequences that challenge the body but nurture the heart. Sandra has a background in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading, and these activities have led to her love of arm balances and inversions. In many Sandra’s classes, you can expect the opportunity to get upside down and to safely build strength for some of the more advance poses. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, Sandra is teaching high school English (her day job) or spending time at home with her family.

How This Works

  • On Demand Content

    Watch some on-demand videos (2hrs.) to be introduced to some of the basic information. Learn strength building drills that you can start to practice right away to build up your strength and ability.

  • Live Classes | Zoom & In-Person (Vancouver, BC)

    Play time! Practice together as a group, online or in person. Sandra will guide you, in a supportive and encouraging environment, to explore your potential. With personalized advice, see growth! July 16th & 23rd 1:00 - 4:00 PM PST

Why You'll Love It

We are here for you and you can make meaningful progress by learning some valuable "keys" to unlock these fun poses!

  • Valuable support by a knowledge teacher. After a few personalized instructions have a "Wow, I did it" moment. Let us support you!

  • Fun, playful environment. No stress, no pressure!

  • Learn many steps & drills to build towards your arm balances & inversions. But, believe it or not, balancing on your hands isn't just about strength....

  • Learn other valuable tools, like stacking your joints and positioning yourself in "hollow body" to find better balance.

  • Belief that you are already perfect. Playing on our hands is fun, but the pose doesn't define you. Yoga is for everyone and every body

  • Increase your confidence while having fun!

  • Increase your physical and mental strength

Who's This Workshop For?

Anyone that wants to challenge themselves & transform their practice in a fun and supportive environment!

  • For Yoga Practitioners that are tired of looking around the room in class and thinking "I could never do that"

  • For Teachers who are ready to finally commit to yourself and nail that silly arm balance that you've been "working on" here and there

  • For all body types, no matter your shape or size. You are not too old, too weak or too inflexible to begin this practice!

Now is YOUR time!

Don't wait until you are more fit, stronger, younger (LOL)... you can start now! Come play with us. You can do this and we have your back!This training can be counted as hours towards your 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training certification. If you are enrolled in the 300hr. program you receive 10% off of the training.

Registration Closes

July 13th, 2022

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  • 00 Seconds

Bonus material

In addition to all of the on demand videos that you can watch anytime you will also receive some amazing bonus material

  • Video: Firefly Tutorial

    Get a tutorial on how to do firefly pose!

  • Audio: Guided Meditation to Release Fear

    Use this 10 minute guided meditation to overcome fear and feel more grounded.

What Past Students Are Saying

“Sandra is one of the most amazing and inspirational yoga teachers I have ever met. Every yoga class I have taken with Sandra has been so lovely, valuable, and memorable. Sandra offers much more than just a regular yoga practice, I love how she makes me feel so strong and proud of my body during my practice with her wonderful words of encouragement and wisdom. I highly recommend Sandra, I promise you won’t regret it!”

Tiffany Su

“I would just like to take a moment and thank you for your amazing course, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and cannot believe how much I  have learnt in the past couple of months.  Your teaching manuals are very impressive and well done."”

Chantal G

Yoga Alliance Certified

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