New Dates Announced!

January 24th, 31st & February 7th

4:00 - 7:00 PST

Do you resonate with the following statements?

  • I’ve been practicing yoga for a while but still feel like there is something missing in my practice

  • I want to learn more about the aspects of Yoga history, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation

  • I know a little bit about Yoga philosophy but I want to dedicate some time to myself to go deeper

  • I want to commit to my personal growth and learn tools to find more peace and connection with myself and others around me

  • I want to connect with my inner wisdom.

If so, you are in the right place.

The Yoga Philosophy, as laid out in the Yoga Sutras, is powerful and applicable to modern-day living.

I’m Christina Raskin and Yoga philosophy has changed my life. So I am on a mission to share these valuable tools with others so they can find the same peace and comfort that I have found. I’ve been teaching Yoga for 20 years and I have seen the yoga philosophy transform lives over and over again. Through the years I have noticed a gap for many yoga practitioners. Many people loved taking yoga classes and they felt great right after a yoga class but they didn’t know how to sustain that amazing ‘post yoga class high’ off of the mat. Yoga had transformed them in small ways but they were searching for something more, something that would help them feel that connection in their daily lives. The Physical practice of yoga can only take you so far, self-study, contemplation, and reflection are needed for real, sustainable change. So my team and I at Soul Thrive Yoga what to share these tools and ancient philosophy with as many people as possible to help them take their yoga off the mat, into their daily lives, and find more peace.
Tree Pose

How This Works

  • On Demand Content

    Receive access to all on-demand lessons the once you enrol.

  • Live Zoom Discussions

    to integrate the wisdom

  • Upcoming Live session dates

    January 24th, 31st & February 7th 4:00pm - 7:00pm PST

Register now to gain access to the on-demand videos and Zoom links. All live sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after the session.

This 16 hr. course includes

  • 7 hours of on-demand videos

  • 9 hours of LIVE Zoom sessions for discussion and integration of the knowledge

  • Downloadable translation of the Yoga Sutras, translated by 4 different Sanskrit scholars

  • Full lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion & CEUs for Yoga Alliance

  • Credit towards your 300hr. Yoga teacher training with us! (if you are enroled)

What you'll learn

  • The 8-limbs of Yoga. Spoiler alert, only one of the limbs is the physical practice of Asana.

  • What non-attachment really is and how it can help you to enjoy your life more fully!

  • The true meaning of Karma... it isn't what you think it is.

  • How to stop unhealthy thought patterns in their tracks as taught by the ancient yoga philosophy and proven by neuroscience.

  • What the ego is and how it blocks us from feeling true joy and contentment.

  • The cause of suffering according to Yoga and how to remove it!

  • The ethical principles of Yoga that, when practiced, allow us to find more peace within ourselves and in our relationships.

This course is perfect for ANYONE that wants to dive deeper while getting to know themselves better and improving their life.

"“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. It shines a light on your truest self and as we take time to connect to our truest self we find freedom, ease of living, and pure unencumbered joy." ~ Christina Raskin

Course starts January 24th!

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Interested in taking your 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training?

If you are already a 200hr. certified teacher and you want to continue your education this 16 hour course can count towards your 300hr. certification.

If you register for the 300hr. program you will receive 10% off of this training AND it counts towards your workshop hours for the course - how amazing is that?!

What people are saying......

“"Christina is the true meaning of a beautiful soul! Not only does she teach what Yoga really is; she lives, breathes & demonstrates on a daily basis how to live a yogic life. I have had the pleasure in being trained one on one with Christina, almost 500 hr. in fact. She has taught me so much, inspired me to keep on my path, and has shown me what yoga really is. I am forever grateful. If anyone is thinking about (learning about) yoga, Christina Raskin and Soul Thrive Yoga is the best in the industry."”

Deborah Seeback