Would you like to...

If you can relate to any of these statements, it might be time to get your Chair Yoga certification

  • Work with a wide variety of people like seniors, hospital patients, and people healing from surgery or injury?

  • Teach yoga in a variety of places, including corporations, senior centres, and medical facilities

  • Feel confident that you know how to modify and adjust poses, using a chair, to really make yoga really accessible for all

Why Chair Yoga?

Teaching chair yoga is extremely fulfilling as an instructor because you are really helping in a valuable way. By making yoga accessible you are able to help people find more peace, joy and health in their bodies & mind. Using a chair can be extremely helpful when teaching various groups and you’d be surprised how much variety and fun you can have in a chair yoga class.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to grow your business by expanding your teaching abilities

  • You know you can impact more people and change even more lives by teaching chair yoga

  • You find helping others extremely rewarding and you want to be of service to a wider group of people

Why Soul Thrive Yoga?

There's many reasons, but let's start with a few!

Over the last 10 years, we've educated yoga teachers on how to take their passion for yoga to the next level and find a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and full of joy. We get your desire to impact more people, expand your revenue streams, and stay aligned to your mission. You could Google chair yoga sequences and watch youtube videos for days but you still won’t learn how to sequence the poses, how to teach for various injuries/illness or get your questions answered from a qualified teacher. Or you could take a comprehensive, well-planned, holistic course, full of hours of instruction that will build your confidence, awareness and knowledge to support you on your journey.

It's time to get Chair Yoga certified

There is a growing demand for chair yoga and this extensive online chair yoga teacher training program was created to meet the growing demand for Yoga Teachers, Senior Fitness Instructors, and Health care professionals who have the passion to teach and support Seniors and people with injuries or illness.

  • Learn a wide variety of chair exercises and movements to support all of your students

  • Explore how to offer traditional yoga poses in a variety of ways using the chair

  • Discover how to design a class to support your students

  • Learn more about various injuries, illnesses, and conditions and how you can support these students

  • Gain confidence to expand your teaching and support more students

Save the Date

This course is completely virtual with live calls to ask questions on June 12th & 19th, 2023 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM PDT

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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome... we are so happy you are here!

    2. How to use this course platform

    3. Important things to know about this course

    4. Chair Yoga Manual

    1. Equipment & how to set-up the class

    2. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)... how to sit in the chair ;)

    3. Basics to keep in mind

    4. Introduction to Exercises & Poses

    1. Surya Namaskara ~ Sun Salutations

    1. Foot & ankle

    2. Leg Extensions

    1. Hip Flexion - Forward fold & Knee lifts

    2. Hip Extension

    3. Hip adduction & Abduction

    4. Internal/External Rotation & Figure 4 stretch

    1. Cervical Spine - Neck

    2. Spinal Twists

    3. Cat/Cow

    4. Side Bending

    5. Supported Backbend

Chair Yoga Certification

  • 2 x $87.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

We're here to help, join us live!

Get all your questions answered with live support. All live sessions will be recorded and available to view afterwards. Live sessions are held on zoom: June 12th & 19th 4:00 - 5:00 PM PDT

Why You'll Love It

Just a few reasons why you won't regret taking our Chair Yoga course

  • On-demand videos you can watch, and re-watch, at your own pace

  • Comprehensive course focused on high quality education & support

  • Expert support! Live hours to ask questions & experience your own chair yoga class (all recorded to watch again and again)

  • Comprehensive Manual to reference for years to come

  • Practicum required at the end of course so you can get valuable feedback on your teaching to grow and expand as a teacher

  • Lifetime access! Unlimited lifetime access to the full chair yoga course, plus any updates

What's Included

  • Comprehensive Manual

    Receive a manual to support your learning as you watch the on-demand videos and for future reference.

  • On-Demand & Live Hours

    On-demand content is done at your own pace, then join for live hours over Zoom for additional support & to get all your questions answered.

  • Graded Practicum

    For additional feedback & learning

Meet Your Instructor

Christina Raskin

CEO/Founder, E-RYT 500 HR

Christina has 20 years of teaching experience and has trained all over, including in India. She is passionate about marrying education and yoga together to help people grow and transform.  She believes wholeheartedly in the science and soul of yoga. She has used it to transform her own life and seen countless people find more peace through the practice. She truly believes Yoga is for everyone and every body and is inclusive in her teachings.  She is a 500 hr E-RYT (Experience - Registered Yoga Teacher) and owned 2 successful studios for 8 years. She recently sold them to travel more and teach internationally. She was the National Training Director at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness for seven years. She developed and led her Yoga Teacher Training program during that time under the Oxygen umbrella as Oxygen's 200hr program (O2 Yoga Teacher Training).  She then decided to leave Oxygen Yoga & Fitness to expand her school, Soul Thrive Yoga Teacher Training. 

What People Are Saying

“My experience with Soul Thrive Yoga Teacher Training was nothing shy of amazing. A safe space for all, a wonderful community, genuine friendships, and shared a wealth of knowledge. Focusing deeply on anatomy, philosophy, and sticking true to personal needs and goals. I strongly recommend Soul Thrive Teacher Training for anyone wishing to begin their yoga teacher training journey. ”

Natasha H

“I would just like to take a moment and thank you for your amazing course, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and cannot believe how much I have learnt in the past couple of months. Your teaching manuals are very impressive and well done, you truly are an extraordinary person and I am very grateful for being able to learn from you.”


“I just received my final exam results. I am so elated. Thank you and your team for the amazing help and guidance you offered throughout the course. It truly was done well with a lot of care and attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful and will keep in touch throughout my journey.”