Discover the amazing Hip Joint!

What if you could…. Really understand the hip joint and how yoga can be good (and bad) for the hip. Offer real, science-based alternatives to the traditional alignment so that your students are supported in their unique body with their personal alignment.

Cohesive and through training

In this 42 minute training you will learn all about the hip joint, including:

  • What type of joint the hip socket is

  • What the Q angle is and why big toes together isn't great for many bodies

  • The difference between the hip joint and the pelvis

  • The purpose of the pelvis and how yoga helps for healthy lower back and pelvis alignment

  • The purpose of the SI joint and how to support it in yoga poses and cueing

  • All the major muscles around the hip joint

  • How to find your external rotation in your hip joint for Warrior 2